Dyeing Journals

Dye Formula Journal for Yarns
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To save time, it is a good idea to keep a record of the dyeing you are doing. Record all of your steps in this handy journal for future reference.

When you want to do a quick project, refer back to your journal:
• the kind of dyes and how much dye you used
• your steps
• anything that made the project move along better
• anything that was a problem during the project
so your new project will be started quickly.

You can even attach a swatch to the page so you will have it for your reference. Visually seeing the swatch will help you determine if that color and end result is what you want for your new project. It can save you hours of dyeing and keep you enjoying the process more as you are in the middle of your new project.

What we want to do is avoid the “oops, that is not what I thought I would be getting” By having your swatch and record you are well on the way to having a fabulous new item flying out of those dye baths.

Your level of satisfaction can expand and your willingness to try new dyeing techniques will increase, so be brave, go forth and dye yarn.