Basic Passap For Beginners

This series is for beginners who need help in getting started with their machines. There are a number of tips that will help you get started with your knitting that have not been covered anywhere else.

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You can get advanced technical or mechanical information easily from many other sources and I will not be covering any of this kind of information.

I will cover yarn selection through having a finished knit item off your machine.

Yarns, yarn tension, mast tension, threading, cast-on, pattern selection, technique selection, knitting, handling edge stitches, other common challenges and cast-off.

These basics are necessary for anyone trying to learn the machines and are appropriate for DM80’s as well as the E 6000

You can move as quickly as you would like through this information. I have grouped the information into 5 different videos so you can get all or part of the information whatever would be most helpful to you. I recommend getting them in order for the most comprehensive overview so starting will be easier for you. Click on the buy now button to have immediate access to the videos.


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Passap For Beginners CD
Passap For Beginners CD

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Video 1 Yarns, yarn tension, mast tension and threading.

Video 2 Cast-on

Video 3 Pattern selection and technique selection Options

Video 4 Knitting, handling edge stitches, other common challenges

Video 5 Crochet Cast-off